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Brandon Woelfel’s photography is quite well known among photographers and non-photographers. His use of creative tools, colors, and designs for his photographs are amazing. But a question I always see asked is”what camera gear does Brandon Woelfel utilize? How can he achieve such cool Outcomes?” Today, I have outlined Brandon Woelfel’s camera, the camera lens that he uses, and the many creative tools he uses to create his Instagram photos. The camera gear that Brandon Woelfel utilizes should give you a better idea as to how his photographs have been made and what it requires to achieve the results in his images. What Camera Can Brandon Woelfel Use? Brandon Woelfel’s camera is your mirrorless Nikon Z7 (Amazon | B&H Photo). With the newest upgrade to the entire framework Nikon mirrorless installation, Brandon has added a new lens to the lineup with the Nikon 58mm Id Prior to the upgrade to the mirrorless Nikon, Brandon Woelfel’s older camera was the Nikon D750 (Amazon | B&H Photo). Brandon previously used the Nikon D5200 (Amazon | B&H Photo) before updating to the Complete frame Nikon D750. To get Brandon’s YouTube movies, he utilizes the Panasonic Lumix LX10 (Amazon | B&H Photo) because of his point and shoot camera. What Camera Lens Does Brandon Woelfel Use? Nikon 50mm f/(Amazon | B&H Photo)Brandon Woelfel’s camera lens is the Nikon 50mm Brandon Woelfel Presets fr f/1. In one of his videos, he says the 50mm lens is nearly always on his camera also if it isn’t, he’s three other lenses that he carries with him. The other 3 lenses comprise:Nikon AF-S FX 58mm f/(Amazon | B&H Photo)With the new update to the mirrorless Nikon Z7 installation, it appears like Brandon has also added the 58mm f/aperture Nikon lens to his camera gear. This prime lens is outstanding and will allow him capture sharp pictures and gorgeous bokeh. Nikon 35mm f/(Amazon | B&H Photo) Nikon 85mm f/(Amazon | B&H Photo) Nikon 105mm f/(Amazon | B&H Photo)What Creative Accessories Does Brandon Woelfel Use for Your Own Pictures? Brandon Woelfel uses various different creative instruments for his photos. These innovative accessories generally utilizes light or provides lights off add to Brandon’s photograph work. This light usually helps light up the backdrop helps the topic of the picture (mainly models) stand outside. I’ve included the complete list below and some examples of these photos using Brandon Woelfel’s camera accessories. 1. MoonlampPurchase from Amazon2. Fairy Lights Purchase from AmazonFairy lighting may be utilised in a number of different situations. They are sometimes utilised to help illuminate the photo or they are sometimes employed to add a second element of creativity to a photograph also. Here is a full post we wrote regarding fairy light photography

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